Committee Information

The dissertation committee must consist of a minimum of three GSU faculty members.  Two members must hold Professional Graduate Faculty membership at GSU or Research Graduate Faculty membership in the College of Education.  One member must hold Graduate Research Faculty status in the College of Education.  The chairperson of the committee must work within the students’ area of concentration.  Dissertation committee members will support the student throughout the program including review of the qualifying paper, preparation of the dissertation prospectus, review of residency requirements, preparation of the dissertation, and dissertation defense.

Affiliated Faculty

  • Behizadeh, Nadia – Language and Literacy Education
  • Davenport, Melanie – Art Education
  • Demir, Kadir – Science Education
  • Domke, Lisa – Language and (Bi)Literacy Education
  • Earl, Chantee – Social Studies Education
  • Freer, Patrick – Music Education
  • Garrett-Rucks, Paula – World Languages
  • Hsieh, Kevin – Art Education
  • Kasun, Sue – ESOL Education
  • McGrail, Ewa – Language and Literacy Education
  • Schwartz, Renée – Science Education
  • Stinson, David – Mathematics Education
  • Sullivan, Caroline – Social Studies Education
  • Zoss, Michelle – English Education