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Metropolis Magazine / March 2015 / His & Hers: Designing for a Post-Gender Society
His & Hers: Designing for a Post-Gender Society

One of the United States’ leading textile designers argues for gender-neutral design as the next frontier in the workplace.

Are we having a gender revolution?  People are confused or not confused by their a gender.  A superfluous statement that should mean absolutely nothing.  The contrary is the reality of today, sexual differentiation fading, literary speaking.  “The design landscape is still deeply rooted in Modernism.”  Modernism has historically been male dominated by male power roles.

The article continues by identifying roles men and women have played in the modern world.  The significance is roles are changing, and women compete in roles that were dominated by males.  The complement to that is women are not only changing work roles but physically emulating males. The reaction of the male gender is to emulate females and enjoy their modern historical roles.

” The time is ripe for designers to start questioning how they incorporate gender sensitivity into their work.”

Children are the target of unisex clothing style design and promotion of the fashion trend-setting. Some school uniforms are uni-gender specific.

Transgender people are included in the uni-gender garment industry development. The potential that people who are not confused about their sexual orientation will not choose to a simulate the clothing styles to make gender role playing less obvious.

“In our post-gender world, masculine and feminine definitions are being switched and obscured. But this is an essentially human phenomenon, and we need to design for the accumulation of different human beings who are out there by being respectful to individual needs, and creating environments in which people can have their individuality.”

Masculin or feminine role playing has not changed the racial disenfranchising actions that are prominent in males and female of the majority population.  The rhetorical genre of these groups is about segregation of races even in the face of gender bashing.  Within the gender changing, national origin still plays a role in those relationships.

The last lines of the article talk about building individual environments for our individual selves.  While being individual selves is how racism feeds itself, on greed.

There are some strong ethnic traits that show in history as trends.  Homosexuality is part of the majority as history.  Revealed in late breaking news, the boys of the church being used as sexual favors. The promotion of these deviant behaviors can be blamed on the majority and the desire to be…

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