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Stone Mountain: Rocks like Granite, Jackson, and Stone

This document is from an information point of view.  The information provided is from a personal point of view and should be understood as biased.  So often the victim is asked to rationalize the aggressors motivation for their actions.  To speak for all Americans is factious, to speak for American Africans because I am one, is ridiculous.  To perceive that some information organized in a particular manner could influence the ingrained co-conspired effort to dehumanize American Africans is ludicrous.

This rhetorical analysis is about Built Environment relationships that demonstrate a covert effort to exclude, prohibit, limit and disenfranchise a group of Americans.  There are documents, legislation, doctrine, and laws specifically written and designed to limit, prohibit, exclude and disenfranchise a group of Americans (Maryland).

Where’s the Black Wok?

Built Environment in the context of a conspired effort to exclude, prohibit, limit and disenfranchise a specific group of Americans is well documented.  The data collected reflect the result of this conspired effort.  The covert racist behavior extends to all aspects of daily life for the initiator and the recipient.  For the recipient, daily life starts with expectations of exclusion, limit, and prohibition everywhere.  For the initiator daily life start… No Data…
The stories tell how the effects have devastated some specific population anywhere, somewhere.  When will the story tell about the psychosis of the initiators and their co-conspirators who instigate aggression and exposes the results of that research?

Confederate flag – civil war, flag come from?…
South fought the North to maintain slavery, but it is about economics.  The slave made money for the south, and they wanted to keep it like that.  The North used industrialization to abolish slavery.  The South resisted industrialization and opted to keep slavery as the most economical method for their farming industry.

The slave had to be kept in line and not be allowed to idealize the concept of freedom from industrialization, so the Klu Klux Klan was formed to brutalize and terrorize American (African) communities.  Stone Mountain, Georgia is the focus of this rhetorical analysis of Stone Mountain as a built environment.  The following history events reflect the nature of the majority and the conspired effort to exclude, prohibit, limit and disenfranchise American Africans.  The documentation of these civil events is well documented.  Entree fees and promotional billing are some of the documented records that tell this nonfiction accounting of human atrocity.  The psychology (psychosis) of the majority drives the actions of the mob. The majority group is absorbed with dispair and inferiority complexities.  The research for this analysis includes evidence of the results of this documented psychotic behavior.  The Bible and other doctrines expose the perils of jealousy and envy.  Even this knowledge of sin has little influence over the group behavior who use Biblical symbology as their code of arms.

The following events are just some of the worst atrocities ever heard of on American Soil from the 16th century through the twentieth centuries.  The aggressors appear to be the same physical racial type throughout the centuries.  The target of the aggression has been the African people around the world, throughout the centuries.

All of the following photographs are graphic accounts of real-time events where human beings are Lynching victims murdered by being hanged, shot, burned, drowned, dismembered, or dragged to death.  Pick-A-Nigger-To-Hang (picknick) promoted by the local parks and recreation department, financed by the local chamber of commerce or the mayor’s office.  These events had the support of the State and local District officials.  These were family events; spectators came from distant counties and states.  Often there were multiple mutilations to guarantee entertainment for the late comers.  The adults bought souvenirs, often body parts or the victim’s sex organs.  Children gained silvers, crafted dolls resembling hanged Africans.

The majority group got tired of traveling to the mass murders, so the traveling syndicate was formed, who handled promotion, trinket sales, and licenses.  There were plenty American Africans to select for these events, once they arrive in town.

The Jews financed the event cost; The Polish drove in the beer trucks; The Italians sold Pizza, ice cream, and postcards, The Irish waved flags and were cast as the hangman.  These same cultural groups seldom interact, at odds on every level of daily business.  In the face of inhuman atrocities, these cultures develop a rhetorical genre to exercise personal mayhem. The rhetorical genre is violence, fueled with hate, resentment, and fear.  The violent, inhumane behavior is a reenactment of their forefathers and taught behaviors.  The genre of this Klan is infectious and ravishing like wild animals in a killing frenzy.  Dogs will kill, Lions will, these vigilantes (humans) will kill, dismember their pray, and celebrate their human kill.  The vernacular used to describe this kind of behavior is “Savage” but the people who the term refers to are the very people being savagely victimized, by the genre who coined the phrase.

Klan stn mtn 7
“The Pick Nick” community event sponsored by your local chamber of commerce.
Built Environment for a white supremacy genre that has one agenda to victimizes American Africans.

Klan stn mtn 9
Local Killing by Hanging of an American African boy age nine years old.  The is known as the School House Lynching by the American African community.

Klan stn mtn 2
Stone Mountain Ku Klutz Klan membership is meeting at night under the cover of darkness and hoods.
The Biblical symbology (the Cross) is common at the point of attack.  The point of attack being an American African is captive or present and vulnerable to brutal force, “The Cross” is erected as a monument.

Klan stn mtn 5
This man just left his business, on the walk home and never saw the family again.  Victim of circumstance? Victim of a hate crime without consequence.

Klan stn mtn 6
The white master wanted to have sex with the hanged man’s wife and have her sleep in his house from hence, forth…
Have his babies and enslave them with the rest.  That was a common method to acquire young, strong slaves… with benefits.

Klan stn mtn
Just returned from burning and raping dozens of American African families throughout the South.
February 2016 the Ku Klutz Klan held a big rally at Stone Mountain just like old times.

Where’s the Black Wok?

Built Environment bigger picture, the methods used to influence and manipulate a broad group of Americans.  In this example, the influence includes ethnic groups and others through advertising and information control.  The television and internet are the current mainstream access to the target audience.

Where’s the Black Wok?

During 1880 thru 1899, the lethal mob violence increased steadily.  When in 1899 twenty-seven American African were murdered.  During early 1900, the lynching tapered to one per month in Georgia.  Later on about ten years later an escalation of brutal mob murders and violence in 1911.  Statistics show another escalation in 1919 were mob violence was allowed to prevail anywhere in the United States.  Statistics show 1930 was the period when white supremacist decided they could make more money by locking them up.

“The case of Eli Cooper is illustrative. One night in late summer 1919, a gang of fifteen or twenty white men abducted Cooper, a black man, from his home in Cadwell in Laurens County and transported him to Petway’s Gift Church in Dodge County, a few miles away. The gang shot Cooper set the church on fire and pitched his body into the flames. According to the Atlanta Constitution, Cooper’s transgression was in speaking out against racial discrimination” (New Georgia Encyclopedia).  There is more incident of mob brutality and violence. “Sam Hose” a white man, “Mary Turner” a suspect, so the white mob lynched and hung her son, relative Hayes Turner, “Moore’s Ford” 1946, two American African couples were lynched, beaten brutally, dismembered body parts, then shot multiple times, and hung from the Apalachee River Bridge.

Klan stn mtn 11
The idea of justice for these atrocities is unheard of.  The kinds of aggressive actions carried out on unsuspecting Americans is condoned and rewarded by American, who are white.

“Racism in America is alive and well” (Malcolm X, 1989).  The methods of aggression have changed over the years with lynchings.  The name of the new game is incarceration.  A large disproportionate number of American Africans are being and have been jailed.  The prison population is 95% American African people.  They represent only 12% of the entire American population as a race of people.  There are more American Africans in prisons than there were slaves in the 1800’s.  Imprisonment is the new form of slavery, instead of lynching or trying to kill them all, like the Native Americans were annihilated.

The new built environment for the American African is the prison, saddled with the longevity that comes with the label “Criminal Intent” (H. Rat Brown, 1972).  “Man-Child in the Promised Land” (Claude Brown)

Where’s the Black Wok?
Where’s the Black Wok, Where’s the Black Town, Where’s the Black Wall Street, Where’s the Rosewood community, Where’s the community development, Where’s the Affirmative Action, Where’s the A-1 Schools, Where’s the Superior Healthcare, Where’s the equal pay for equal work, Where’s the constitutional justice, Where’s the 40 acres and a mule, and Where’s the Native Americans.

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