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Built Environment Perimeter Collage Face Lift

GPC Campus

Georgia State University, Perimeter Campus – Clarkston

Georgia Perimeter College had a facelift.  This mid-sized two-year college has transformed to become a bonified four-year institution.  Georgia Perimeter College has merged with Georgia State University to become one of the largest universities in the country.

Exhibit one show GPC one year ago flying “Panther” colors with pride and documented distinction. There have been some infamous personalities who passed through these doors.  The new look comes with some opportunities that benefit students throughout Atlanta and surrounding vicinity.  Students will not have to travel so far to take a course.  The existing credit transfer eligibility will change to 100% credit for electives. The tuition cost will reflect the University standard across the board.  Tuition cost was the most attractive attribute of GPC community college.  Students from Georgia State University have taken advantage of the tuition variance for years.

The image below is a pastel drawing of the signage in 2013 of Georgia Perimeter Collage, Clarkston campus facing west on South Indian Creek Drive. The drawing is by Don Norwood, on display in the Deans office.

GSU Perimeter Campus

GSU signage

GPC Landscape Rendering

Rendering commissioned for GPC Dean’s Office

by Don Norwood