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Built Environment “The Giant Impact.”

Mountain Scape image 5.png
Built Environment of Stone Mountain description talked about how Stone Mountain formed.  The Mountain is an intrusive igneous rock 300 million years old formed from a pluton chamber 16 km. Benith the earth’s crust (Whitney, 1976).  The research information lead to rock types, weathering rock features and deposit formations.  Further investigation focused on the earth’s mantle where the Stone Mountain pluton lived.   Theia the small planet that collided with the earth 4.3 billion years ago is presumed to have intruded into the earth crust and settled in the mantle of Earth.  Theia was thought to have the same composition as Earth, so there is no geophysical evidence of Theia’s mineral deposits.  The story of planet Theia unfolded into the formation of the moon “The Giant Impact” theory is the currently accepted scenario.

Moon Form with Theia
The giant impact theory based on compositional isotopes, such as those of titanium. The formation of the moon from the giant impact is the accepted theory scientist support today.  The planet Theia impact Hypothesis is questionable based on several inconsistencies. Part of the research included video simulations of The Giant Impact theory.  The number of videos listed from a google query is large.  Many of the submissions are university faculty productions from the science class project.  The sources seem credible “off the cuff”, after careful evaluation the quality of video evident. One video “How The Moon Was Formed” YouTube, is a good representation of the impact hypothesis.  The video is an animated simulation with voice over music for effects and drama.  The narrator includes the pros and cons to the impact theory to inspire further research.


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