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Built environment, The Stone Mountain rock formation is majestic as part of the horizon and dominant as a part of the environment.  Stone Mountain rock has a story that dates back 3.4 million years.  The rock mountain has attracted humans and animals alike, who seek the nature of the mountain.  The man has such a dominant presence in space that the character of the mountain has been discussed and barricaded.  The traditional park theme actually promotes the park and some local history to draw tourist and community.  The land use agreement is enough to preserve the integrity of the grounds. There is a potential for mining, dumping, poaching, so the regulation and barriers are functional.

Stone Mountain, GA
(stone mountain website photo )

Stone Mountain Park is the site of this built environment description.  The park contains the real gem, the rock mountain that towers over everything in its vicinity.  The park is northeast of Atlanta near 16 miles and accessible via US-10.  The park built in the 1850s as a tourist attraction. The Confederate memorial of the generals carved during the 1900s.  Additional amusement and activities encourage tourists and travelers to visit this massive attraction.  Contracted vendors sell the activities and refreshments, and souvenirs.  The State maintains the park grounds.  The park design allows joggers and walkers, picnickers, and bike riding activities to occur on dedicated paths. The restricted travel provides safety and control of traffic flow.

There are more tranquil spaces to visit then the amusement or picnic sites.  Hiking paths offer some natural esthetics, like babbling brooks, and chirping birds, for a calm, peaceful experience. Competitive running and bike rides are sponsored and held at stone mountain park.

Before there was a park Native Americans held tribal councils at the base of Stone Mountain during the 1800s.  The area was known as a spiritual place where natives held ceremonies that praised their gods. Indians were the first to visit Stone Mountain more than 9,000 before the alien White settlers arrive. The White settlers infected the natives with weighted smallpox blankets disguised as gifts.  Today the only evidence of Native presence are the voices heard from the rustle of the trees.

To add insult to the catastrophe of annihilating a nation of people, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) headquartered their assaults on Africans and freed slaves. The Confederate Memorial under construction fueled the KKK insurgency, 1915.

The serenity of this ceremonial place preserved in the beauty of the environment.
The celestial gods recognized by the natives lives in the minds of the conscious ones.

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