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“In-class work.”

This academic writing class is very different from other English classes I have taken.  The research element is much more in-depth than in the past.  The motive for the research is clear, and it has a value that I can understand.  In one class, in particular, the research was mainly in support of the authors point of view.

The resource citation information and the annotated bibliography provide a valuable reference to the source of the information by adding validity to the composition submitted.  I have come to appreciate the annotated bibliography because researching the references the root of the rhetorical is exposed.  The train of thought of the composer-writer becomes apparent.  From this type of investigation, I have found that some of the references cited, the information is not directly applicable or it was abbreviated and lost context.

The footprint of the bibliography trail can be long and rigorous. Most of the reference materials must be read to understand the authors intent.  The relevance of the source must be evaluated to determine the accuracy of the context to the composition.

The rhetorical situation in class is on demand.  All of the materials I write about are by the suggestion of the teacher, both topic and point of view (audience).  My preferred style of writing is an informal tone that includes colloquialism familiar to the African American audience.  This rhetorical writing style is analogist to “Positive Rap”.

I am inspired by the topics dealing with Environmental and Architectural barriers, Architectural exclusionary practices in government.  The “Building Environment” theme is broad enough to encompass an array of environmental conditions.  My writing leans toward current environmental conditions and issues of African Americans.  Buildings are physically part of that environment and can impact living conditions in many ways.

The concept of using a blog in a classroom environment is a functional approach to learning through group dynamics.  The idea is new to me using a blog as a teaching tool.  I can see how the access to other students submissions can be valuable… For example, if you have not completed an assignment yet but a fellow student has, one could read the post and then plan how to emulate or even improve the presentation.  By having access to several colleges, writings offers a wide range of ideas and formats for reference. One can quickly learn how to evaluate good material from week content especially if you want to use ideas.  Students can communicate directly and collaborate on projects.  Posting work completed for credit is very helpful to students.  The blog eliminates the printing and delivery effort.  I believe the access the teacher has to digital files as opposed to the pile of hard copy pages to process, digital files are the bomb.

Multimodality is interesting in concept.  My use of multi-media in one document has not happened as yet.  The multi-media concept takes a bit of thought to visualize modality in a document. Documentation format and presentation style has been so standardized that it will take retraining for me to incorporate this technology.  The new technology has new capabilities that comingle with new ways of communication and display.  The blog post concept for education is parallel to cell phones and web browsing.  I plan to incorporate media in a cohesive manner that enhances the communication of the theme.  Then I need to use it again, and again until it becomes a way of thinking, multimodal writing.