Built Environment Description: Digital Environment

Atlanta Silverbacks:

The Atlanta Silverbacks are members of the National Premier Soccer League in the United States and hold home field matches near Spaghetti Junction and Pleasantdale Rd. They have been in existence since 1998 and are named in honor after Willie B. from the Atlanta Zoo. They reach out into the community to help foster the youth into an active and academia focused lifestyle.


Upon entering the website, I was immediately greeted with the above screenshot of smiling youth. On this scrolling image there were strategically placed links that would take you through the cycled images direct links. In general, the immediate homepage was busy in detail but it was still very easy to navigate. In a quick, swirl of the head, I was able to find information on the Silverbacks Park, Indoor League, Summer League and location of their stadium.

At the top was a row of additional drop down menus that were made up of the Atlanta Silverbacks team colors of: red, black and white. It was not frozen, so as you scrolled through the homepage, it would disappear if you traveled too low. This row had drop down information on the main pictures shown on the above screenshot; which seemed redundant. In all honesty, it was astonishing to me that the men and woman premier leagues were not the focal point of this digital environment.

After searching through the tabs above, I was able to finally navigate into the Atlanta Silverbacks Men homepage. This area was completely covered in Red and Black and consisted of a black and white frozen background image of their arena. It was very busy in nature and the running clock gearing up to the season opener was some of the smallest writing shown on the screen. Although, it’s random green color did bring it to the surface and more relevant than the multiple same color font ads and information.


All in all, I believe the digital environment lacked a sort of professionalism to its design. It seems that it could have used some direction is finding its target audience and appealing directly to them. I still am unsure of where they are intending to go from the website or who they are intending to attract. Let’s put it this way, the below Hype Video was the most fun I had and I could only find this link on YouTube.

Silverbacks Hype Video

Digital Environment – Digital Records

Digital Environment: Digital Record #1



Above is a screenshot from the home page for the Atlanta Silverbacks. Upon entering the website, you are immediately greeted with friendly faces from these kids and the ability to learn more about their after school program. They encourage kids from the Suwanee area to join their program and their want to help them exceed in academia as well as staying healthy and active. This homepage is easy to maneuver and intuitive. It gives you the idea that the Atlanta Silverbacks are community focused and an organization that appeals to the entire family.


Digital Environment: Digital Record #2

Digital record #2

Above is the screenshot from the Atlanta Silverbacks about me page. The Atlanta Silverbacks are located near Spaghetti Junction in a multi-million dollar facility. They have a streaming photo gallery that appeals to your avid soccer fan and includes imagery from summer leagues, indoor leagues, and even kids camps. Also, it gives the ability for you to rent the field. I was shocked that going into this site it didn’t have more information in regards to the Atlanta Silverbacks football club. To reach information on their actual club teams, you must navigate through the tabs located near the top. Although, it is easy to navigate, I was expecting more of the focus to be directed to the men and woman’s teams rather than social clubs and camps for the youth.


Digital Environment: Digital Record #3

Digital Record #3

For my third digital record, I actually navigated into the Mens Football Club tab that I referenced in digital record #2. This is what I expected the Atlanta Silverbacks main page to consist of. This starts by showing the Silverbacks logo, slogan, “welcome to the jungle”, and most importantly a running clock on how much time is left until they are back in action. The website, to me, is a bit busy and I find it hard to stay focused on a certain section. It doesn’t seem that it is was created professionally and I feel that it could definitely use some sort of “pizzazz” to appeal to the everyday user in hopes of turning an Atlanta native into an actual Silverbacks fan.


“All Together Now” – The Beatles

Reading Summary #5: Emily Bazelon “Making Bathrooms More Accommodating”

Historically, the world has always been a place that has been tailored to accommodating the male gender. We were simply put here to work, make money, and have a woman to support us in almost every other aspect of life. Now, more than ever, this is changing drastically. Woman, finally, have equal rights, and are on the verge of being treated exactly the same way as men always have been. The article by Emily Bazelon takes this a bit further and introduces our necessity to treat men, woman, AND non-gender identifying individuals the same way, in particular accommodating then in their needs of acceptance in the bathroom and other physical areas that are historically looked upon with no sort of grey area.

This article begins by noting that bathroom signage is the clearest visual marker of sexual difference. It is slowly being accepted to allow girls who identify as male to join male teams but allowing them in the male bathroom is another entirely different issue at hand (Bazelon lines 21-25). The main word used in this clear and apparent act of separation is “accommodation”. It stems from our early stages of civil rights movements, to allow African Americans to sit anywhere they please on a bus or use any water fountain/bathroom they deserve.



I believe the strongest statement made in this article is by, Mara Keisling, Co-Founder and Director of the national Center for Transgender Equality, and she summarizes her point that in order to have a civil society, it must start with accommodation. This was immediately interpreted by Bazelon that it is not the people who identify as strictly male or female due to our physical makeup/chromosomes but the non-gender identifying people that are forced to use the bathrooms pre-designated by society’s norms that have been doing the accommodation this whole time.

In summary, this article is wording perfectly, in my opinion. It takes a completely historical concept of gender separation and opens the world’s eyes up into the necessity to accept change in something that we never knew of in the past. People don’t choose to identify with the other sex; the same as someone cannot chose whom they fall in love with whether it’s hetero or homosexually. We must be forced to accept, or accommodate, differences in the world. Lastly, I think the article did lack a few chances of points of view from the opposing end. Although, it has many references from non-gender identifying people, I feel that a strong quote or approval from a gender specific adolescence could have really driven the point home in our ability to adapt to this fairly new concept of transgender or non-gender identifying humans.