Built Environment – Interior Description

Digital Record #11

Nestled between an array of shops/restaurants on the corner of Euclid and Washita is a hidden gem by the name of, El Myr. It is in the heart of Little Five Points where the hipster millenials thrive. As you enter this Cantina you are immediately faced with the El Myr Crest that signals it established date of late/post era of grunge music circa 1997.

Digital Record #10

I felt as if I had walked through a transport tunnel and found myself in a hipster restaurant of Seattle. We battled through clouds of smoke to find ourselves a seat. Everyone was quite polite and personable and welcome all types of people with the spirit of hospitality.┬áThe best way to describe the feeling of this would be Vintage. From long bearded gentleman, to dread-locks with beanies. Everyone seems to have found their own way of life. This was also noticeable on the art-work and furniture seen throughout the environment. Unlike many, “white-collar” shops or restaurants, this place had no place with you signing your name on the wall over a painting or pulling mis-matching stools or tables up to one another to unify another segment of your group that might not have had a place to sit. The overall individuality but yet uniformity was astonishing to me.

Digital Record #9

This place to me felt as a safe-haven to the majority of it’s users. Listening to conversation throughout the restaurant almost everyone knew each person inside and even the waiter instantly knew that we were not from the area. Each was was visited with an array of colors that seemed as if pictures were painted on top of one another to always have the ability to change the interior architecture.

Digital Record #6

All in all, El Myr, was a breath of fresh air environment that did not seem to conform to the way “corporate america” is wanting us too. They welcomed anyone from any area and allowed for you the ability to be who you are within their walls. It was an exciting experience and most importantly, the food was great.

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