Mid Term Reflection

Throughout the six weeks I’ve been enrolled in this course , I’ve have obtain a great amount of knowledge and understanding with the assignments and technology. Reading 1102 hybrid class has shown me new ways to use a computer to my advantage and become a expert at using a blog on a daily basis. Throughout this course, I have reflected on how different the class is from my English 1101 class. In this course , we make use of the technology around us which is a asset by enrolling in this class. when I was in english 1101 , we rarely used technology for our writings because most work was displayed on dry erase board rather than a computer. Most of our writings was written on paper which  limits my ability of research and understanding , because sometimes technology wasn’t permitted or accessible. I’m still adjusting to mastering concepts of primary and secondary research but I have realized that the annotated bibliographies , reading summaries and built environment description all play hand in hand with research. I’ve came to understand that the projects here and there comes to form one big research analysis which will be finished at the end of the semester. I plan to use the knowledge I’ve acquired through the assignments as a stepping stone to understand the big picture ( research analysis).The rhetorical situation is created on how built environments are more than a physical design, in fact , built environments affects why certain people go to certain places, intentionally and unintentionally regulates a certain group , and nonetheless influences the way we perceive society with material possessions. Our audience , the community of Atlanta  may use this information we have obtained to better understand what a built environment is and how it plays a major role in society. Writing using a blog is different from typing an ordinary paper because your able to engage in a social community to see and take notes on your class mates work, and to publish your creations on a blog for everyone to see and refer to unlike a ordinary paper where you get that perspective from only one or two people versus one or two hundred people. Writing through blogs help me write confident, because I am able to pull different sources into my writing and overshadow  my classmates work to get a sense of how papers should be written. My strengths as a writer is that i’m descriptive , However I tend to write off topic which i’m trying to work on. Even though I have my weaknesses with writing I try to balance out by doing extra credit in quizzes. The Quizzes on D2L has helped me the most because it grasp the concept of writing. Overall , I’m not satisfied with the work I put in this class , but I’ve learned the best way to get an A is to stay ahead so I can receive the most points as possible. To receive an A this class I will change my approach on the way I write my reading summaries by reading the writers 2.0 book and take notes to help put together a detailed vivid assignments such as ( built environments , and reading summaries ).The extra points I will try to receive to help me produce better work  by going to office hours to understand my performance in the class and to continue completing quizzes to help me understand how to write better.