Interior built environment

The famous burger joint , The vortex is one of the most famous restaurants in downtown Atlanta. The vortex was established on April 20,1992 on west Peach-tree street. The restaurant was owned by Michael Benoit , his sister Susanne and brother Hank. The place started our as a tiny restaurant and bar on Peach tree street but Now the business has blossomed into a redesigned and unique restaurant in two locations , ( one in midtown and one in five points) and has earned their rank in becoming Best Beer Selection,” “Best Neighborhood Bar,” “Best Overall Liquor Selection in Atlanta,” “Best Bar Food,” and “One of the Top 50 Restaurants in Atlanta.” When I visited the site , I’ve noticed their designs and their “rock and roll” theme with skulls and the variety of liquor on the bar table.The bar was set up in the back of the restaurant , with a street sign saying “2nd avenue ” by the bar. The inside of the vortex consisted of chairs and tables , the bar and the lights were dim to give off a relax , party type vibe. The site wasn’t easy to navigate because the restaurant wasn’t really that big and there was a small path to the bar and everything was really close together. The vortex color scheme consisted of dark colors such as red and black which gave me a rock star/club vibe. Throughout my experience at the vortex it made me feel like I was in  club because the music was loud , It was filled with people , people were drunk , and the lights were dim with colored lights. The sites is intended for people 21 years of age and older , and the site is used  by the younger crowd. The site advertise its users by promoting there famous burgers and their popular alcohol. In conclusion , the site target their customers by promoting the sell of alcohol and the food on their menus.