2020 has been a unforgiving and unrelenting year, from the current global pandemic to the most important presidential election of this decade thus far. Many families have lost their homes, jobs, vehicles, etc. due to the circumstances this year has given us. The purpose of this poster is to shed light on those who have succumbed to the pressures of this year mentally, especially those who have a pre-existing mental health condition. All of the stresses from Covid-19 to maintaining some type of color over your life can be mentally exhausting. The collage of black and white photos represents the events of this year, with a couple of them representing the mental strain many are feeling right now. The pastel head wearing a mask represents the hope that everything will be ok and that you are in control of your life. You can take back your strength (your will to keep going). You can take back your color (regain control over your life). You can take back your mind (you shouldn’t make yourself a prisoner).

Many people have lost everything due to COVID-19 and many people are struggling to cope with the fact that in 2020 we are still dealing with social injustices that were simply swept under the rug. This rug along with Covid has been pulled from under our feet, and this can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. If you are struggling with what is going on in today’s world remember you have control over your strength, color, and mind.