The purpose of this prompt was to use 5-7 objects that you find around house to create a portrait that represents you. I chose 6 objects I thought best described me: Rick & Morty plush figure, lapel pin (on Rick & Morty figure), old sketch journal, favorite hoodie, Halloween mask, and a video game controller. I decided the put the items around a portrait of me I’d drawn because I thought it add a nice touch to the photo

I chose the Rick & Morty figure because it is currently my favorite show right now despite how vulgar the show can be. The lapel pin represents me accomplishing a recent mentorship. The old sketch journal represents my passion for art and drawing, and I like to write sometimes. My favorite hoodie was a gift from my older brother who I’m very close with, and he’s in the military. The mask represents one of my favorite holidays, which is Halloween. The game controller represents my love for videogames, which I have a slight addiction to.