October 27

Growing up in Atlanta

Growing up in Atlanta, I must say Turner Field was an attraction in my life. Many years ago I took weekly trips to turner field to attend the Braves games. As a kid, I actually hated the trips to turner field and baseball was one of the worst sports to watch back then.

During my most recent trip it became quite bittersweet. How did a simple project for ENGL 1102 become bittersweet; my roommates asked. Well I’m not sure if many realized but you won’t be able to walk or take the shuttle to see the Atlanta Braves play. To be more precise, they technically won’t even be considered the “Atlanta” because they will be located in Cobb County.

Even though I attend Georgia State University and it is now their property, I feel as if a major key from Atlanta has been taking away. Even though I may be jumping the gun while saying this; Turner Field will never be Turner Field again. Also, what about all the famous and legendary baseball players that are named on pretty much every street around Turner Field?

Overall, spending at the Braveless Turner Field was not the same as it normally is. Only due to the major change coming. Change is not necessarily a bad thing, However when you’ve been living in Atlanta almost all your life and they take a major element of it away you begin to feel different.

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