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Moore, Christine. ““Atlanta Is the New Hollywood”: Influx of Film and TV Production Boosts Economy, Attracts Actors.” N.p., 04 June 2013. Web. 27 Mar. 2016.

In her article, “Atlanta is the new Hollywood : Influx of film and TV production boosts economy, attracts actors”, Christine Moore, claims that Atlanta’s film industry is growing and becoming the new Hollywood.

She starts by giving a little bit of background about the careers of, Scott Poythress and Claire Bronson, two actors that are from the Atlanta area. She states that back in 2007, they moved from Decatur to Los Angles “in pursuit of more auditions, better roles, and bigger opportunities”. Two years later they moved back to the “metro Atlanta” area, and Moore tells why. She discusses how Atlanta became more inviting to people in the film and media production industry, due to the “well-publicized tax credits that Georgia started offering in 2008”. Then she explains how the tax credit works. When “movie, television, and digital entertainment companies” work and hire within the state of Georgia, they “can receive up to 30 percent in tax breaks “. She continues her article by discussing some of the “new local studios slated for construction” and “new major production facilities” in Atlanta. They include, “a 400,000-square-foot complex in Gwinnett County with 12 sound stages, to be built by Jacoby Development, and a 288-acre development in Fayette County by Pinewood Shepperton, the British studio that’s home to the James Bond franchise”.

Then she goes into talking about how the economy has benefited from the new facilities. According to the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office, “Georgia-based productions generated $3.1 billion for the state economy in fiscal 2012, up 29 percent from the year before”. She also talks about how Atlanta-based actors are benefited, because they do not have to leave town for work.

The intended audience for this article could be actors, film production companies, aspiring actors, film students, and anyone else in the film industry. This article will be helpful to someone doing research on the how the built environment of Atlanta affects the entertainment industry or how it benefits the economy. It could be useful to a film student in Atlanta with concerns about finding work after college or an aspiring actor in Atlanta who is trying to decide if they should relocate or stay in Atlanta.