Objective (Describes experience)

Subjective (Thoughts, analysis, interpretation)

3 Swings (wooden) Makes more people want to sit in the area
2-seater swings Friends have enough room to sit together
It is located in a corner space It’s cozy even though it’s outside
Grass It was muddy
Square tiles in the ground near the swings It would be a good place to put your feet when the grass is muddy after the rain
Trees nearby To provide shade
Hooks on the swing poles Maybe to hang bags (two students that were there used the hooks for that)
Bridge connecting Student Center East and Urban Life
Drain in the ground nearby Good for when it rains
3 light poles Useful at night to keep the area well lit
Swings held up by chains So that the swings can hold the weight of two people
Smells like grass Not a good or bad smell
Sound of vent blowing I liked to have some type of noise in the background and not just silence
2 students talking It’s a nice place to talk and relax with friends