Annotated Bibliography 10

“What Kinds of On-Campus Jobs Are Available for My College Student?” College Parents of America. Web.

Whats the one thing that all college students need? Money! ? A lot of college students have to help with their tuition or get a job to have their own spending money. College campuses tend to be the place to find a reasonable job. The article lists various job options for college students in need of extra cash. The list contains jobs that can be found here at Georgia State. Food service is always a great place to start when searching for a job on campus. Scholarly students should look into being a tutor or teaching assistant. If you want to get some assistance with paying for housing, you can be a Residence Assistant. The admissions office can always use extra help with taking phone calls, e-mails, organizing events, etc. You can even be a notetaker for students with disabilities. And if you love kids, try your luck at the daycare center. Having on campus jobs is extremely convenient for broke college kids, like myself.

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