Annotated Bibliography 8

Finding a good place to study can get frustrating, but if you enjoy doing your studying in a coffee shop, Sara Cravatts lists ten different coffee shops for you to try out. Cravatts, a student at Emory University, lets us know that there are other great study spots in Atlanta other than Starbucks. Most of the places she names are right on Emory’s campus, while the rest conveniently close. The Dancing Goats Café seems to be one of the more popular spots on their campus. An interesting place mentioned is Cafe Intermermezo, where you can get some coffee and some cake! ☕️ + ?=? Places such as Aurora Coffee and Java Loras are both placed in Little Five Points. ChocoLate Coffee is another café located pretty close to Emory’s campus, being that it’s only minutes away from those who reside in Gables Montclair and Highland Lake. JavaVino is another location that is mentioned. Not only can you order your favorite cappuccino, but if you’re 21 and older, you can get yourself a Pinot Grigio, or whatever wine you have a taste for. Sounds like study heaven to me. ??

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