CSAL Phase 1 Computer Familiarity Survey (Question 9)

CSAL Item Number: 9

CSAL Question: Do you use it for…(1)Email, (2), Chat groups or other on-line discussion, (3)Getting to the Internet/Web, (4)Video Chatting/Skype-ing, (5) Shopping, (6)Banking, (7)Education, (8)Music, (9)Videos, (10) Games, (11)News and current events, (12)Searching for job opportunitites, (13)Searching for health-related information, (14)Searching for weather-related information, (15)Searching for government information, (16)Searching for other information, (17)Social Networking, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (18)Other purposes, please specify

CSAL Response Options: 1=Yes, 777=Don’t know, 888=No response (for 18-Other, __________)

Source: None (CSAL in-house)

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