CSAL Phase 1 Computer Familiarity Survey (Question 10)

CSAL Item Number: 10

CSAL Question: How much do you AGREE or DISAGREE with this statement? It is important to me to use a computer.

CSAL Response Options: 1=Strongly agree, 2=Agree, 3=Disagree, 4=Strongly disagree, 777=Don’t know, 888=No Response

Source: Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), Information Communication Technology Questionnaire, 2003. Retrieved May 20, 2016 from https://www.oecd.org/pisa/pisaproducts/ICQ_Questionnaire2003.pdf

Source ID: Q7a

CSAL question form: Modified from source

CSAL response options form: Modified from source

Source questionThinking about your experience with computers: To what extent do you agree with the following statements?  (a) It is very important to me to work with a computer. (b) I think playing or working with a computer is really fun. (c) I use a computer because I am very interested. (d) I lose track of time when I am working with the computer.

Source response options: Strongly agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly disagree

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