Basic Computer Skills

Computer Skills


Basic Computer Skills

A complete document on many of the listed skills below:
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1. Identify specific computer hardware: a system unit, monitor, printer, keyboard, mouse or touchpad, USB port

2. Turn computer and monitor on and off

3. Log on to computer

4. Demonstrate knowledge of function and placement of keys on keyboard: Enter, Shift, Control, Backspace, Delete, Arrow Keys, Tab, Caps Lock, Number Lock

5. Identify types of mice: mouse and touchpad

6. Identify mouse pointer shapes and match them to the correct context of use: typing arrow (text), arrow (basic clicking), hand pointer (clickable links)

7. Demonstrate appropriate use and ability to right-click and left-click

8. Double click and right click

9. Drag and drop

10. Use mouse to select check boxes, use drop-down menus and scroll