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Tamara McEachern, Hons. B.Sc., MAmceachern Image

Clinical Research Project Assistant
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The Hospital for Sick Children
Learning Disabilities Research Program
555 University Ave
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M5G 1X8
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Phone: 416-813-6330

Tamara McEachern was a staff member of CSAL at The Hospital for Sick Children. She has been a Clinical Research Project Assistant with the Learning Disabilities Research Program (LDRP) since the spring of 2014. Tamara obtained her Hon. B.Sc. degree, specializing in Exceptionality in Human Learning, Biology and Psychology from the University of Toronto. She then worked for many years in both public and private sectors within the field of social services and education. In 2013, Tamara successfully defended her Master’s thesis at Brock University in the interdisciplinary Child and Youth Studies graduate program where she studied how a handwriting intervention impacts the reading and writing abilities of struggling adolescent learners. Currently, she is thoroughly enjoying being involved in the assessment of the CSAL participants in multiple phases of the project, as well as the associated data management that goes along with such research.