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Lee Branum-Martin, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor

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Georgia State University

Department of Psychology
PO Box 5010
Atlanta, GA 30302-5010
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Phone: 404-413-6271
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Dr. Lee Branum-Martin was a Co-Principal Investigator for CSAL. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and The Language and Literacy Initiative at Georgia State University. His current research focuses on issues in psychological and educational measurement, especially those applied to language and literacy. He pursues his research interests through empirically testing theory, examining multilevel statistical models to disentangle social and contextual effects, and exploring bilingualism and second language learning. His role as Co-Principal Investigator is to assist in the direction of the scientific mission of the project, with respect to issues of skills, testing, and the impact of the intervention. He will evaluate tests of language and literacy applied to struggling adult learners. He will also attempt to illuminate the nature of the difficulties among adults who struggle with reading and assist in the development and testing of interventions for the effects of improving reading and other outcomes for adults.

Georgia State University