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University of Houston
4811 Calhoun Rd. RM 373
Houston, TX 77204-6022
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Phone: 832-842-7023
Fax: 713-747-7532

Dr. Christopher D. Barr was a partner for CSAL. He is an Assistant Research Professor for the Texas Institute for Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics (TIMES) at the University of Houston. His research interests include application of multilevel and latent variable modelling techniques for studying nested data structures, particularly in the area of teacher and school level effects on students’ educational outcomes. For the current project He overseas aspects of the project related electronic data capture, data processing, data management, and data reporting. In addition to his work on CSAL, He is currently involved in studying the impacts of momentary teacher stress, captured by ecological momentary assessment, on student outcomes, designing and validating both academic vocabulary and academic language assessments, as well as managing data capture, processing, and management for a middle school reading intervention.