Recent Publications

A representative sample of recent work
  • Arana, F., Rice, K. G., & Aiello, M. (2024). A cross-cultural look at the role of rumination in the relationship between trait anxiety and romantic breakup distress. European Journal of Trauma & Dissociation, 8, 100376.
  • Wang, Q., Rice, K. G., Arana, F. G., Wetstone, H., & Bunker, H. (2024). Is social support beneficial after a breakup? The moderation effects of negative emotionality and gender in the relationship between social support and depression for college students during COVID-19. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships
  • Lee, Y. A., Park, H. G., Cheon, J. E., Rice, K. G., & Kim, Y.-H. (2024). Mediating role of social skills in the longitudinal relationship between intrapersonal perfectionism and psychological well-being of preadolescents. Journal of School Psychology, 102, 101257.
  • Rice, K. G., Lopez, F. G., & Wang, Q. (2023). Perfectionism, goal orientation, and emerging adults’ identity processing styles. Emerging Adulthood, 11, 815-827.
  • Suh, H. N., Pigott, T. D., Rice, K. G., Davis, D. E. & Castaneda, A. (2023). Meta-analysis of the relationship between self-critical perfectionism and depressive symptoms: Comparison between Asian American and Asian international college students. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 70, 203-211.
  • Suh, H. N., Rice, K. G., Ashby, J. S., & Pak Bruner, L. (2023). Measurement invariance across Korean and English versions of the Short Almost Perfect Scale. Counselling Psychology Quarterly, 36, 682-695.