Selected Media Coverage

Face Pareidolia in Humans and Monkeys:

The Marshmallow Test, and how to give animals their own version:

A number of articles about the relationship between chimpanzees’ ability to delay gratification and their general intelligence:

Science Daily

“From rats to humans, a brain knows when it can’t remember” (July 27, 2017).  NPR. Click here for article. To hear the All Things Considered radio commentary on this, click here.

Click here to read about our research investigating the metacognitive abilities of chimpanzees. 

Click here to read about our research investigating the planning abilities of children, chimpanzees, and monkeys who performed computerized maze tasks. 

Click here for an APA Science Brief about our lab’s research on self-control.


Visual Illusions in Monkeys and Humans:
Daily Mail
Tech Times
APA PeePs (Particularly Exciting Experiments in Psychology)

Metacognition and confidence judgments in chimpanzees:

Planning in chimpanzees, monkeys, and children:
Science Daily

Perceptual illusions about food items in Chimpanzees: website

Self-Control in Nonhuman Primates:
APA Science Brief

Metacognition in chimpanzees:
Science Daily
Association for Psychological Science

Quantity judgments by bears (with Jennifer Vonk):
Scientific American
Business Standard
Daily Mail

Animals using computer games as enrichment:
BBC Future

Research about nonhuman primates and humans playing economic games of cooperation:
(with Sarah Brosnan, Bart Wilson, Audrey Parrish, Tim Flemming, Lisa Heimbauer, Kate Talbot, Susan Lambeth, and Steve Shapiro)
New Scientist

Research about chimpanzees’ ability to judge liquids:

Research about animals’ math skills:
APA’s Monitor on Psychology

Delay of gratification in chimpanzees:
Scientific American Mind
New Scientist
Wall Street Journal

Chimpanzee Bartering (with Sarah Brosnan)
(research article available here)

Monkey Metacognition (with J. David Smith, Bonnie Perdue, and Barbara Church):
BBC Earth News
New Scientist