Dr. Maisy Englund

Dr. Englund completed her PhD in the Cognitive Sciences program at Georgia State in 2023. She graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and French/Francophone Studies. At Illinois Wesleyan, she completed her senior honors thesis on the relationship between evolutionary social history and social facilitation in several nonhuman animal species. Dr. Englund earned her Master of Arts at Georgia State in 2021. Her master’s thesis compared young human children, rhesus macaques, and tufted capuchins on their susceptibility to choice overload and the paradox of choice effect.

Dr. Englund studied nonhuman animals’ choice behavior, preferences, and biases, and, particularly, how research on those topics can further our understanding of animal welfare and wellbeing. She conducted research of this nature as the Animal Welfare PhD Fellow at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, IL.

Dr. Englund’s dissertation was an exploration of the potential influence of a status quo bias in crowned lemurs, pied tamarins, rhesus macaques, and tufted capuchins. 

She now works at the Animal Welfare Institute. Here is her LinkedIn page.