Dr. Audrey Parrish

Dr. Parrish is Associate Professor of Psychology at The Citadel. She received her B.S. in Biology from Winthrop University and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Psychology from the Cognitive Sciences Program at Georgia State University. While at Georgia State, she served as the Duane M. Rumbaugh Fellow. She also was a 2CI University Doctoral Fellow in Primate Social Cognition, Evolution and Behavior and a Brains and Behavior Fellow of GSU. She serves on the editorial boards of Frontiers in Comparative Psychology and Animal Behavior and Cognition. She is a Fellow of the Psychonomic Society. She received the APA Interdivisional Mentoring Award (Division 3 & Division 6), APA Division 3’s Best Early Career Presentation at the Comparative Cognition Society meeting, and the 2020 Brenda A. Milner Award for Outstanding Paper in the Field of Behavioral Neuroscience or Comparative Psychology.

Dr. Parrish takes a developmental and comparative approach to questions within Cognitive Psychology, including the study of perceptual and decisional biases as well as the ontogeny of future-oriented cognitive processes (metacognition, planning, prospective memory). The latter program of research is funded via the National Science Foundation for which her scope of work involves developmental testing of metacognitive processes among preschoolers. Dr. Parrish enjoys mentoring students interested in research and leads a Study Abroad program to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. She teaches a variety of courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level within the Department of Psychology. 

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