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Who doesn’t love a game about disease?

the Vax name with a network node showing an infected element

The spread of disease isn’t just fun for zombie movies anymore, oh weary traveller! When it seems like the only epidemic we’re seeing on TV is the spread of fear of Ebola, rather than an actual discussion of the disease

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Gamification and D2L

A topic that has been trending for a while now in education¬†(think since 2010 – see below) is gamification.¬† If you haven’t heard of gamification before, I’ll give you the Cliff’s Notes version.¬† Gamification is the incorporation of gaming elements,

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Interwebs – Making Your Course as Addictive as Games

Welcome to the first installation of our series “Interwebs”, where we bring to you all the great links we find relating to technology and learning, novel solutions to terrible problems, and perhaps silly ephemera that may help you get through

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