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Mix it Up

This week’s cool tool is a must have for anyone looking to turn PowerPoint presentations into videos with narration. Sure you can use tools like Captivate to import slides and add narration and extras but that process can be time

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Listen, Lynda!

You may have thought that this instant, internet sensation was saying, “Listen, Linda!” but I would like to think that he was trying to share his love for – I know I am. is a free tool available for

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Coming Back Home

Last summer the CII’s instructional design team moved from Library South to the fourth floor of the Aderhold Learning Center. While we’ve enjoyed the proximity to the many tasty restaurants on Broad Street we are happy to announce that we

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Book Review: Teaching in a Digital Age

On one Wednesday afternoon, some of my friends who teach or design online courses in other institutions were talking about the books you may recommend to novice instructors in online teaching. This free eBook, Teaching in a Digital Age, was

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Accessibility for online classes (First Steps)

It’s not uncommon to hear someone talk about why online education should be accessible. In fact I’ve never heard someone argue against the idea of accessibility. Most of us if not all of us agree it’s not only a good

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Sequential Art: Improving Student Storytelling/3 Comic Creation Tools

Improving Student Storytelling Skills During the past few decades comics, comic strips, and graphic novels have come into their own as a modern literary genre. More recently, educators have begun incorporating graphic storytelling into the classroom using both pre-existing texts and student-created comics.

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Design Student Orientation for Your Online Course

Let’s think about a situation. In the beginning of semester, you have 40 students in your online course. Those students come from diverse backgrounds with different level of experience for online learning. Some students may only take 1 or 2

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Tool Users vs. Homo Sapiens and the Megamachine

Introduction Should the human body shape technological innovation or should technology shape the human body? Theorist Lewis Mumford wrote extensively on this question in the early to mid-20th century. In this short post I’d like to very briefly explore Mumford’s thinking, focusing in

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Google Keep

Overview Google Keep is a simple notes and reminders tool that seamlessly integrates with the Google suite of applications. Clean and uncomplicated, this tool nevertheless has a variety of educational applications. Overall, Keep is a useful organization, time management, and inspiration

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Three Ways of Being With Technology

Scenario 1: You’re a faculty member at GSU and your insurance company has just offered to knock $100 per month off the price of your Health Insurance. There’s a catch, though: In order to get this discount you must register

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