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Gamifying Your Course

We have a fair number of meetings with instructors who want to gamify their courses. Who can blame them – if you could get your students hooked on your subject like they are on whatever they’re playing on their phones

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Writing as Effective Communication in a Research and Technical Report

“Writing Effective Research and Technical Reports” was my first project with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Working with Pam and Linda I updated their website and developed an eBook. The purpose of both is to help students produce

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Use of Open Educational Resources in an Introductory Statistics Course

Two weeks ago, I presented my dissertation study in the convention of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) in Washington DC. This is a rewarding experience for educators and practioners to network and know the trend in the field. Here

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Instructional Design in Competence-based Education and its Challenge

Competence-based education (CBE) was initially developed in order to bridge the gap between the labor market and vocational and technical education and nowadays is utilized in interdisciplinary fields. Competence is defined as the ability that one person can effectively use

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Use of Social Media in Your Course

Social media has been widely utilized in teaching and learning. Doctor (2013) stated that the advantages that social media brings to education include easy communication, immediate information update, and high flexibility with a variety of devices (e.g., smart phones and

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Create Infographic for Data Visualization

Images are sometimes more explanatory than texts. More and more people like to create infographic to convey complex information. Infographic not only includes text and images to transmit abstract information but also makes the entire graphic more visually appealing. Below

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Using 9 Events of Instruction in Your Online Course

Before we further talk about Gagne’s 9 events of instruction. Let’s see the video below and identify how these 9 events can be applied to train cats. Robert Gagne is an educational psychologist and well-known for his book, “Principles of

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Book Review: Teaching in a Digital Age

On one Wednesday afternoon, some of my friends who teach or design online courses in other institutions were talking about the books you may recommend to novice instructors in online teaching. This free eBook, Teaching in a Digital Age, was

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Design Student Orientation for Your Online Course

Let’s think about a situation. In the beginning of semester, you have 40 students in your online course. Those students come from diverse backgrounds with different level of experience for online learning. Some students may only take 1 or 2

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5 Myths about Open Educational Resources

Myth 1- Quality does not matter. OER repositories such as Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT) provides over 40,000 materials in 19 different material type categories which include animations, simulations, open textbooks, etc. The OER’s shared to

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