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VoiceThread Workshops

Interested in using VoiceThread in your course? Not even sure what in the world VoiceThread is, or why it needs to be CamelCased? Check out these great workshops happening this summer! You’ll love them, and then your students will love

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Contented: Rethinking PowerPoint for Online Learning

When you think about adapting your course for online delivery, one of the first things you probably think about doing (or dread, depending), is retooling your powerpoint presentations as narrated lectures. I say this because it’s the number one thing

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Innovative Instructor Series

Once upon a time, there was a place called the Exchange. It was in what most people thought was the basement of Library South. I wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking that – evenĀ I blame the basement-ness for the Vitamin D

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Cool Tools: Skype Public Beta of (near)Realtime Translator

Everybody is now bored with instant messaging and video conferencing. We all just text, right? Well, if the good folks from Microsoft and Skype have anything to do with it, the idea of IM being an afterthought app that you

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CII on Pinterest – we hear it’s the future!

So, evidently there’s this thing called social media, and within the thriving nucleus of it, there is a tool called Pinterest (the Pinterest to those in the know….wait, that’s the Google’s – it’s so hard to keep up). Anyway, Pinterest

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Cool Tools: Swivl – Not just Lecture Capture, Conversation Capture

It seems like in the world of technology right now, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a free option for live streaming an event, or course even, to Twitter. This goes beyond our current university solution of Panopto, allowing

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Innovations in Methodology – statistics edition

Though most innovations that are discussed revolve around new hardware, software, or services, it’s important to remember that there are still plenty of methodological innovations that are worth discussing in the frame of “innovation”. Recently, the Association for Psychological Sciences

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Skype Translator

In the ever-rushing march of massive technological change, real-time voice translation is beginning to hit the mainstream market, and amazingly you can take part in it’s development. Skype, venerable old online chat and messaging app owned by Microsoft, is getting

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quick tip – How you’re using Photoshop wrong

Wow! How quickly we learn how little we know. Here’s a great quick set of tips on how you could be using Photoshop better. From editing on separate layers, to converting items to Smart Objects to prevent file degradation, and

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A+A>A?: The Ever-Evolving Intergalactic Saga of the ebook Market

In case you hadn’t been paying attention (which is entirely understandable – you’re a human, with actual lives, families, hopes, dreams and whatnot – unlike us in the Exchange that live, breathe, and sleep virtually), the eBook market has been

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