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Letting Go: Gamification, Control, and User Perceptions of Design

Recently, I was reading some literature on gamification and came across an interesting  idea: Namely, that even if we create a gamified lesson or course we can’t force students to play and enjoy the end product as a game. Students

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Teaching: Navigating Surveillance and Visibility in the Online Classroom

Dig, if you will, the picture of an online public health professor checking out Zaption analytics. Or, let’s consider a distance learning accounting student who leaves a fantastic instructor review on one of the many online professor rating services. What

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Why My Presentation Sucked: Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I posted part one of this series. You might want to check that out if you’d like to read my conference proposal – or don’t and just jump in here. All you really need to

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Why My Presentation Sucked: Part 1

So I presented at a conference recently and my session reaaaaallly didn’t go over well. Why? Well, I think that my stumbling can be ascribed to several factors. But before I get into why I failed – and what I

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Critical Media Literacy Conference: Two Awesome Sessions

Zombies. Megachurches. Soap Operas. Not your typical academic conference topics – unless, that is, you’re considering the broad field of cultural studies and critical media literacy. In this post I’d like to present a quick intro to critical media studies

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Cool Tools: Clarisketch

Overview Have you ever needed a quick and easy way to annotate and explain a visual concept, plan, or process? If so, Clarisketch is a painless solution to all of your annotation needs. Here’s a quick (and silly) Clarisketch I

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Creative Play at Work and in the Classroom

Joyful Ululations On any given Friday you might walk into the CII and find the Course and Program Design Team drawing for 15 or 20 minutes. More likely than not you’ll see 4 or 5 of us crowded around a

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Teaching: Creating Rapport With Weekly Update Videos

My Experience At a former institution I taught a Freshman Experience course year after year and had a fabulous time. In particular, I found great fulfillment in the deep connections I formed with my students both in and out of

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Contented: Choose Your Own Adventure!

You wake up with a shock in a pitch black room. How did you get here? Although you can’t see a thing the room feels cavernous and drafty. In a panic you decide to stand; unfortunately you bump your forehead

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Sequential Art: Improving Student Storytelling/3 Comic Creation Tools

Improving Student Storytelling Skills During the past few decades comics, comic strips, and graphic novels have come into their own as a modern literary genre. More recently, educators have begun incorporating graphic storytelling into the classroom using both pre-existing texts and student-created comics.

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