About the Exchange

The Exchange is a one-stop shop for Georgia State instructors seeking instructional design support, project consulting, equipment and more! The Exchange also offers tech training workshops that are open to the entire Georgia state community, including faculty, staff, and students.


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As part of our jobs as instructional designers and academic technologists, we occasionally, maybe even often and with much enthusiasm, recommend tools that might help tackle pedagogical challenges.  When we make these recommendations, we are certainly not denying the existence of other equally awesome tools.  In other words, please don’t interpret our notes about particular tools as official, exclusive endorsements.  With that said, everyone should know that Will is totally an Apple fanboy and owns shares in Apple.  It’s more like 40 than 40000, but it’s still an investment.  Also, we tend to prioritize new, shiny, and free tools.  These kinds of tools may be short-lived and lacking in official support.  So, you might find yourself out on a limb where losing your work is a real risk.  Being out on a limb can be exciting, though.  How far out you want to climb is certainly up to you.  All of this is to say that we make all of our recommendations because we sincerely think they might help you, not because we’re doing someone favors or benefitting financially.  If we ever are, we’ll be up front about it.

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