CII on Pinterest – we hear it’s the future!

Pinterest LogoSo, evidently there’s this thing called social media, and within the thriving nucleus of it, there is a tool called Pinterest (the Pinterest to those in the know….wait, that’s the Google’s – it’s so hard to keep up). Anyway, Pinterest is a great place to gather and share content, based on whatever criteria you set. It gets rid of all of this boring exposition, and flat efforts at humor, and just gets you to what you are interested in.

We love the idea of having one place where we can find out about cool new tools and research for teaching practice as well as Frito Pie. Mmmmmmm – so much saturated fat-tasticness! Yummy yummy cholesterol-isciousness!

Getting on with it, come join us on Pinterest, and if you have your own educational board that you’d like for us to follow, let us know!

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12 comments on “CII on Pinterest – we hear it’s the future!
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