Code Camp – amCharts challenge – 3/31/2014

Code Camp 2

Hello, Code Campers.  We haven’t blogged about what’s been going on at Code Camp for awhile because, let’s face it, we’ve mostly just been slogging through Code Academy.  This week we tried something new.

Each of us has our own reasons for learning JavaScript.  Some may hope to become truly proficient and build inspiring creations from scratch using JavaScript.  A lot of us simply hope to understand it well enough to manipulate existing JavaScript for our own purposes.  Yesterday we took on the challenge of modifying existing interactive JavaScript charts created by amCharts.  They have a library of charts that are meant to be manipulated and repurposed.

The image below represents the sum total of our efforts yesterday afternoon – a chart that has been modified to display new data and use a newly created Pounce theme.  If you would like to take on the challenge  yourself, download yesterday’s Code Camp challenge directions.

We can’t embed the interactive charts that we created in our blog, but take a look at some of the ones below in another window.  They are great.  Plus, you can click the edit button on each one and modify the chart directly within the browser.


amCharts sample


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3 comments on “Code Camp – amCharts challenge – 3/31/2014
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