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Last Friday, we had an ARIS Game Jam at the Exchange.  Several new ARIS users were introduced to the web-based editor for creating games for Apple iOS devices.  They  created a simple Pink Panther game that introduced them to some of the possible interactions within ARIS.  In addition, several other games were started, but not finished.  In this blog post, we would like to share one of the games that is now complete.  It is called Stat Megacode Triage Single Player.  A multi-player version of the game is also in the works.

In this game, you are asked to imagine a category 5 tornado has hit downtown Atlanta.  For the duration of the game, you are a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member who responds to help out in the mass casualty event caused by the extensive tornado damage downtown.

At the beginning of the game, the player helps non-player characters, who are in the library, appropriately respond to first a Tornado Watch and then to a Tornado Warning.

2014-02-14 09.32.19


During the Tornado Warning, the player shelters in place but also takes the time to review triage, in case they are needed as part of the emergency response.

2014-02-14 09.34.00


Finally, once the player emerges from their shelter, they find that there are an overwhelming number of injured persons who need help, so you must use triage to sort the wounded.  You must assess each individual and take them to the appropriate treatment area as fast as you can.

2014-02-14 09.35.36


If you would like to play the game, download the ARIS app and use the search feature to find Stat Megacode Triage Single Player.  We hope you enjoy it.  And if you would like to create a game to help students interact with and learn your content, drop by the Exchange in Library South, Room 106.  We’d love to help make your content come alive in a mobile game.

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