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Current Officers 2015-2016:

Christina Fischer, Co-President


My name is Christina Fischer, I have been involved with Chemistry Club since 2013. I was elected the Secretary of Chemistry Club for the 2013-2014 school year then became the Co-President for the 2014-2015 school year and will continue my presidency until graduation in May 2016. I am a Senior chemistry major with a biochemistry concentration. I am currently doing research in Dr. Grant’s research lab. I am hoping to attend medical school after graduation. 

Rabiya Chand, Co-President

Betsy Cote, Historian


My name is Elizabeth Cote, but I am more commonly known as Betsy.  I recently moved to Atlanta from Massachusetts in the summer of 2014.  I am a chemistry major here at GSU, and planning to receive my BS in May of 2016.   I have been the secretary of the Chemistry Club since the beginning of the 2014 fall semester. I have always had a strong passion for science, but started out majoring in Biology at the University of Massachusetts.  After my first year at UMASS, I realized that Biology was too broad of a subject for me, and changed my major to Chemistry.  I have loved it ever since.  I currently tutor students of all ages off campus in science and math.  I love sharing my passion with other students, and helping them understand the importance of the sciences.  I plan on getting my Master’s Degree in chemistry, and using these degrees to go on and do medical research.  I would prefer to do research on oncology, but am open to explore other options during my time in school.


Chris Brown, Special Events Coordinator


I am Christofer Brown. Previously the historian, now acting Special Events Coordinator. I am currently a junior chemistry major. I am part of Dr. Grant’s lab. After school, I am going to try my hand at working for the CDC.

Stephen Djanor, Membership Director


“Time, its essence, an entity forever fleeting. To be within the world searching for meaning. Nothing changes, and nothing ever will. Life as we know is simply standing still.”

Fall of 2014 I was inadvertently labeled the membership director of the GSU Chemistry Club, and its been a pleasant experience. I’m a senior chemistry major with a concentration in biochemistry. Currently I am researching the influenza virus as a member of Dr. Iyer’s team. My goal is to graduate in Spring 2016, then head to pharmacy school. I am also one of the chemistry tutors, so feel free to send me an email to set up a session if you need help


Timberli Williams, Treasurer

Nancy Torres,

Maria Correal, Intern

Arish Amersi, Intern

Nykki Ogbomoh, Intern

Previous Officers:

Brandi Grindle, Former Co-President


I have been the Treasurer and Co-President of the Chemistry Club since the beginning of Fall 2014.  I am a senior majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Biology and a concentration of biochemistry.  I am undecided about graduate school but as of now am planning on doing the 5th year masters program through GSU.  I am currently in the Greer Lab, at GSU doing research on the Silencing of Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II expression in metastatic melanoma. After I graduate I plan on going into industry to do research.