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Welcome to my personal Georgia State University (GSU) site for professional development. Here I will showcase my course syllabi, my own writings, and the information my students and colleagues need to know as we work together.

I hold my BA in English from Faulkner University’s honor college and my MA┬áin English literature from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, but I am transitioning into the world of rhetoric and composition at GSU as I work towards my Ph.D. My current focus is on the use of peer review in the composition classroom, specifically the use of student texts in the classroom as a means of creating a society of peers. I believe this work continues Ernst Bloch’s attempt to define utopia as the operation of actualizing ideas from the periphery or horizon of what is possible, as I hope that students continue this community building operation in their other courses as well.

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  1. Dear Charles,
    my name is Volker Schneider, I am speaker and web-administrator for Ernst-Bloch-Assoziation in Germany.
    Surprisingly I found your interesting website and therefore linked it to:
    You can see this links via
    Bloch allgemein/ Internationales /-USA.
    I am very interested to know more about Bloch-research/researchers in the US.

    Best regards

    Volker Schneider

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