(Borrowed and adapted from Rain Taxi Review of Books’ submission guidelines, courtesy of Eric Lorberer, editor)

  • Recursive’s Review section would like to publish reviews that are relatively unaffected by your relationship to the book author. If you have a connection with the author or press, please disclose it upon submission. Not all relationships constitute conflicts of interest, but we respectfully request your candor. If you are friends with an author, please feel free to email us and suggest we assign a review to someone else.
  • We discourage reviewers from having any direct contact with the author or publisher prior to submitting a review. Our editorial staff will perform fact- and quote-checks prior to publication and serve as the go-between for any necessary communication. If you feel it is essential that you contact the author or publisher, please check with us prior to doing so so that we can help you design a course of action.
  • Recursive publishes original work that has not appeared previously in any other venue, including magazines, newspapers, personal web sites or blogs, and mass emails.
  • We reserve the right to edit, though edits are always discussed with the writer before publication. We also reserve the right not to publish work that we feel does not meet our editorial standards or is in conflict with our mission and aesthetic.
  • While we generally prefer to use our limited space for discussion of books that are worthwhile, negative reviews that engage larger issues are certainly welcome.
  • Recursive holds the copyright to all articles published. Copyright reverts to the author one year after publication, though Recursive should always be credited as the original source. Please discuss with us any reprint plans.
  • Our contributing writers are truly “contributing”—at this point, we do not have funding to pay writers, though we may be able change this in the future.