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As we bid farewell to 2023, we are thrilled to unveil the final learning technology updates of the year! Many of our publisher integrations receive an upgrade, ensuring seamless compatibility and improved functionality. The Kaltura Player undergoes a transformative update, promising an even more engaging and efficient multimedia experience, and the Kaltura-Webex integration will undergo some changes, ensuring that our instance of Webex remains up to date. We appreciate your continued partnership, and here’s to a year filled with innovative learning technologies!


LTI 1.3 Upgrades – Available Now

We are pleased to announce important updates to your iCollege experience–aimed at elevating privacy, enhancing security, and improving functionality. Beginning Spring 2024, the following external learning tools will be upgraded to LTI 1.3:

Vista Higher Learning

This transition ensures not only heightened security but also a more streamlined grade transfer process to the iCollege gradebook. It is essential to note that your current textbook content links for these publishers will no longer be functional after Fall 2023. Transition guides and support paths can all be found in the following article:

iCollege Integration Upgrades


Kaltura – Available December 14th

New Kaltura Player

All of our Kaltura video players will be transitioned to the cutting-edge V7 player. This upgrade brings a host of exciting features designed to enhance your multimedia experience. With the new Kaltura V7 player, users can enjoy improved video streaming quality, faster loading times, and a more seamless playback experience. The best part is that this transition requires no action from instructors! No changes are needed on your end; you can continue utilizing Kaltura seamlessly, and your content will automatically benefit from the enhanced features of V7. 

New Kaltura V7 Player

Kaltura-Webex Recordings Integration

To ensure our Webex instance remains at the forefront of innovation, our Webex environment is undergoing an upgrade with minimal changes for instructors and students. This upgrade comes with a significant change to the automatic transfer of Webex recordings to Kaltura. For most instructors, the connection between Webex and Kaltura will remain intact. However, any instructor who also has a email account including Graduate Teaching Assistants and instructors who are taking classes at GSU will need to perform a quick manual migration of their content to Kaltura if they wish to have content preserved in Kaltura. Recordings can still be viewed from Webex if desired. You can find guides for downloading recordings from Webex and loading recordings into Kaltura here:

Download a Webex Recording

Upload a Recording to Kaltura


iCollege Monthly Updates – Available December 29th:

Discussions -  New Creation Experience is Now Default

The adoption period for the New Discussion Creation Experience is now over, and it is now the only available experience. Please see our guide on how to use this new experience:

How to Use the New Discussion Creation Experience in iCollege

Calendar - View Quiz Start and End Dates

When you add a Start Date and End Date in Quizzes and then selects Add Availability Dates to Calendar, both dates are displayed in the Calendar tool as separate events. Previously, only one event displayed showing when the availability of that quiz ended.

Quiz start and end dates are separate events on the calendar.

Rubrics - Grades Tool Now Uses Consistent Evaluation Interface

When assessing an assignment or discussion in the Grades tool, the rubric now uses the Consistent Evaluation interface instead of the previous Rubric pop-out window.