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System upgrade imageWe are pleased to announce important updates to your iCollege experience–aimed at elevating privacy, enhancing security, and improving functionality. Beginning Spring 2024, the following external learning tools will be upgraded to LTI 1.3:

Vista Higher Learning

This transition ensures not only heightened security but also a more streamlined grade transfer process to the iCollege gradebook. It is essential to note that your current textbook publisher content links will no longer be functional after Fall 2023. To assist you in preparing for Spring Semester 2024, we have provided a list of the upgraded integrations below including instructor guides and support channels.

Please note that if you’ve already begun using the LTI 1.3 version of an integration, no additional changes are necessary!


Start the Process

To begin the process of upgrading to LTI 1.3 and ensuring a seamless transition:

  1. Request a new building section.
  2. Submit a request to have your preferred publisher integration enabled in your building section.

    Using the same form, you may also pre-request that we enable the integrations for your Spring Semester 2024 courses.

  3. It will be necessary to request the enabling of these tools for your courses each semester. If your department needs any of these tools enabled for all courses in a single department or course code (ex. all MATH 1101 courses), please have a department chair contact us at



Request a New Building Section


Enable an LTI 1.3 Integration


Upgraded Tools


Support from CETLOE

CETLOE will begin offering webinars to assist faculty with rebuilding their courses beginning November 1. Please visit for a list of workshops. In addition, faculty can schedule one-on-one assistance beginning November 8.

Online Support Icon

Schedule online assistance:

In-Person Support Icon

Schedule on-campus assistance:


NOTE: Please be aware that for technical support related to specific publisher content, such as assistance with creating activities, setting due dates, managing class rosters, or addressing grade synchronization issues, you should continue to reach out to the textbook publishing company for assistance. They are best equipped to provide the support you need in these areas.