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We have several new updates to iCollege, Pulse, and Webex this month, including a new design and layout for iCollege Quiz Creation and Editing that’s available to opt into. See below for details and release dates, and please contact if you encounter any problems or have questions.


iCollege (Available October 28th)

New Quiz Creation and Editing Experience Opt-In

The view of Quiz creation and editing being updated with a more modern interface. This new interface is now available as an opt-in and will become the only available experience starting in May 2023. For more information on this feature, please review How to Navigate iCollege’s New Quiz User Interface.

Consistent Layout

The redesigned create and edit screen in Quizzing has the same layout as Assignments, making it familiar and easy to learn. The primary panel on the left contains common, frequently used fields that are always displayed and are most relevant to learners and are core to quiz creation.


Image of the layout new Quiz Creation Experience.


The right-hand panel organizes additional, more advanced options such as start and end dates, release conditions, and special access. 

Image of the new quiz creation experience settings tiles.


Build Your Quiz in One Place

The add/edit question workflow has been brought into the primary panel giving you the ability to easily create and edit quiz questions without going to a different window. The quiz preview functionality is also more prominent, so you can be confident in what your students will see.

Image of the question creation and editing section of the new quiz creation experience.

My Courses Widget - Course Codes Added

To make it easier to identify most courses in the My Courses widget, we’ve added the Course Offering’s Code. This code will appear under the course’s name as a string of characters that will include the subject code, course number, and either the CRN for uncrosslisted courses or the crosslist code for crosslisted courses.

Image of a tile on the My Courses widget highlighting the CRN.


iCollege – Pulse (Available October 28th)

Personalized Push Notifications

To help improve the flexibility of push notifications in Brightspace Pulse, you will be able to choose which push notifications they receive. The notifications you’d like to receive can be managed from the Settings -> Push Notifications menu in the Pulse app.

Image of the Brightspace Pulse Push Notifications settings.

Access Links and Images in Module Descriptions

To help improve the overall experience in Brightspace Pulse, you will be able to view module descriptions in a web view that displays images and preserves links. Previously, you could only view module description text without any rich text elements or HTML. This meant that any links or images placed in a module description in iCollege were not preserved or available in the module description while using Brightspace Pulse.

Image of a module description opening in a web view.


Webex (Available Now)

Share Mobile Camera View as Content

You now have the ability to share the camera view from your mobile device for iOS and Android users. During a Webex Meeting, mobile app users can start sharing their mobile camera’s view with all the meeting participants, and participants can view shared mobile camera content in full-screen mode on their computers, devices, and phones.

Image of the webex mobile app's share options highlighting the new share camera option