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We have several new updates to iCollege and Webex this month. See below for details, and please contact if you encounter any problems or have questions.


iCollege – Available August 26th

New iCollege Enrollment Process

We are excited to announce a “near real-time” enrollment process in iCollege! iCollege instructor and student enrollments are now updated multiple times a day, 7 days a week. Between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM, changes to student enrollments and instructor assignments in PAWS will automatically update in iCollege same day—meaning when you enroll into a course in the morning, the course will be available in iCollege that same afternoon. Additional information can be found in our PAWS Enrollments and iCollege blog post.

Restore Deleted Quizzes

This feature adds a new option in the quizzes More Actions menu that allows you to restore deleted quizzes!. Instructors using this option are provided with a list of deleted quizzes that indicates when they were deleted and by whom, along with a button to restore a selected quiz.

Restored quizzes automatically have any associated quiz attempts that were already taken, statistics, and scores for those quiz attempts restored as well. Learning Outcomes associated to quiz questions are unaffected, and re-appear with the questions when the quiz is restored. Links to a grade item and competencies are not restored.

Image of the Restore option in the Quizzes More Actions menu.

Assignments - New Default Search Filters

Previously, in Assignments, the search filter defaulted to Users with submissions for individual assignments and Submitted Groups for group assignments. Now, instructors will instead default to Show Everyone for individual assignments and Show All Groups for group assignments. These modified filters are the new default search option. After applying one of these default filters, instructors can apply additional filters to improve search optimization.

Image of the new default filter in assignment submissions - all users.

Brightspace Editor - Add Code Snippets

There is a new option in Brightspace HTML Editor that allows you to directly insert a code snippet into your content. This is done by selecting the Other Insert Options menu from the Editor toolbar, and then selecting the new Insert Code option. From there, you select their programming language from a list of available choices and add your code into the interface to format before inserting it into the Editor.

The Insert Code option is NOT available in the Quizzes tool.

Image of the new Insert Code option in the Brightspace Editor.


Webex – Available Now

Recordings Follow Stage Layout

In a Webex meeting, you can now dynamically adjust the recording and streaming layout within the meeting. You can also record the stage that has been synced for all participants and when a meeting host adjusts the synced stage for all participants, the recording or streaming layout will match the stage layout.