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We have several new updates to iCollege, Webex, Slido, and VoiceThread that are available now! See below for details, and please contact if you encounter any problems or have questions.


Assignments - Copy Assignments to Other Courses You Teach

Instructors who teach several courses are now able to quickly and easily copy assignments between their courses. To copy an assignment simply click the context arrow beside an assignment title, and select Copy to Other Courses. For additional information on this new feature, please see D2L Brightspace – Copy Assignments to Other Courses.

Image of the new copy to other courses option for assignments.

View Pronouns in the Classlist

If an instructor or student has elected to set and display their preferred pronouns, they will now appear by their name on the classlist. Displaying your pronouns in iCollege is completely optional and can be enabled through your Account Settings.

Image of pronouns appearing in classlist highlighted in red.

Brightspace Pulse New System Requirements

The Brightspace Pulse app is now only supported on Android 6 or iOS 13 and above.



VoiceThread 1.3 is the New Default Experience

Starting Saturday, June 4th, VoiceThread 1.3 became available to all iCollege courses. Instructors who wish to continue using the legacy version of VoiceThread will need to complete this form to request that the legacy version be enabled for their course. You will be able to request that the legacy version of VoiceThread be enabled for your courses through the end of Fall Semester 2022 when it will be decommissioned. Additional information on using VoiceThread 1.3 can be found in our Using VoiceThread in iCollege Knowledge Base article

How to add VoiceThread 1.3 in an iCollege course



Share Your Camera

You know have the ability to use any connected camera as a document camera in your Webex meeting. When sharing content, you can select a built-in or external camera as if you’re sharing a screen or application.

Image of the Webex share content window highlighting the steps to share a camera feed.



Participant Privacy

Participant Privacy allows hosts to set whether participants are anonymous or named during Slido events. You can lock the setting or allow your participants to choose which option they want. This setting can be managed for each Slido Event from your account.

Image of the participant privacy options.

For more information on using Slido, please see our Slido Overview in the Knowledge Base.