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We have several updates to our learning tools for September. The iCollege updates will be available on Friday, September 24th, and the Webex updates will be available on Tuesday, September 28th. See below for details, and contact if you encounter any problems or have any questions.


iCollege Updates – September 24th

Discussions - New Discussion Evaluation Experience

The view of Discussions during grading is being updated with a more modern interface to bring the Discussion Evaluation Experience more in-line with the new Assignment Evaluation Experience that launched this Fall. This new interface will be available for opt-in starting in September, and this interface will become the default experience in December 2021.

Evaluation tools like Grades, Rubrics, and Feedback are moving to the Right-Hand panel to display in the same way as Assignments. Rubrics will drop down the side panel or pop out into a new window for grading.

Screenshot of the new Discussion Evaluation Experience window's layout.

Also consistent with Assignments is the header panels with the activity name display, navigation (either back or iterating through submissions), and the learner’s name and profile card. The draggable divider will work the same here, too! The adaptive mobile view is just as useful in this view with the evaluation tools tucking into a neat drawer when the screen gets smaller.

Discussion Evaluation Experience adaptive mobile view

The differences in the display of the Discussion topic and replies are slight.  One change that may be noticeable is that the title of the topic or the reply is a link. It will open the post in a new window so that the evaluator can get an idea of the context in which the post was made.

Discussion Evaluation Experience linked topics.

Assignments – Specify a File Extension

Instructors can now specify the extensions of files that learners can upload as assignment submissions. When you are creating a file submission assignment, there is a drop down in the Submission and Completion section of the New Assignment Creation Experience. In this drop-down list, instructors can choose the restrictions they want. Choices include:

  • Annotatable files, which include all file types that are supported by the Annotation tool in Assignments.
  • .PDF only
  • Files that can be previewed without any conversion, such as .HTM, .HTML, .MHT, .MHTML, and .BMP
  • Images and videos
  • Custom Filetypes

User Profile - Preferred Pronouns

Instructors and Students can now choose to set and display their preferred pronouns in iCollege via Account Settings. When pronouns have been set, they will display anywhere a Profile Card is visible.

Pronouns Settings in iCollege Account Settings

Rubrics - Additional Information Available on Grade Tiles

When you are grading Assignments and a rubric is collapsed, you can now see if the rubric is complete. If the rubric is complete, the collapsed rubric shows the overall level of the rubric, and if the rubric is not complete, the number of unscored criteria appears on the tile.

Rubric incomplete grade tile


Webex Updates – September 28th

iCollege Integration - Advanced Scheduling Options

When scheduling a meeting in the Virtual Meetings tab in iCollege, you can now choose to automatically record the meeting, automatically lock the meeting, and whether or not to allow non-GSU users to attend your meeting. For more information on scheduling Webex meetings in iCollege, review the Webex in iCollege Knowledge Base article. If you want to invite guests to your iCollege Webex Meeting, follow the steps in our Guest Speaker Knowledge Base article.

iCollege Webex Integration Advanced Scheduling

Immersive Sharing

Create a more personal and engaging experience as you present by immersing your video directly into you shared screen or application. In the Share Content menu, there will be a new option: Show me in front of presentation. Select the check box, and your video is embedded into what you’re sharing. By default, your video is shown in the lower right, but you have full control to resize and position your video anywhere you want during your presentation. .

Webex Immersive Desktop Sharing


Webex Accessibility Updates – September 28th

Additional Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Additional keyboard shortcuts have been added on Windows to be consistent with the shortcuts available on Mac. Additionally, the keyboard shortcuts are also workable in the preview window including Mute, turn on, and turn off video.


  • Ctrl + Shift + E—Expel attendee
  • Ctrl + 0—Fit shared content to viewer
  • Ctrl + N—Lock or unlock the meeting
  • Ctrl + Shift + Y—Sync the display of a page, slide, or whiteboard so everyone sees the same view
  • Ctrl + Shift + F—Set the whiteboard font size
  • Ctrl + T—Show or hide the thumbnail sidebar
  • Ctrl + Shift + I—Show or hide the names in video
  • Ctrl + B—Share a web browser
  • Ctrl + Shift + N—Add a whiteboard page
  • Ctrl + Shift + O—Clear my pointer
  • Ctrl +Shift + Del—Clear all pointers
  • Ctrl + Del—Clear all annotations on the whiteboard
  • Ctrl +N—Lock or unlock the meeting (should change to Ctrl+ R – Lock or unlock the meeting)

Tooltips Now Include Keyboard Shortcuts

The tooltips you see when you hover over actions include the keyboard shortcut, if applicable. This improves discoverability and makes finding shortcuts more intuitive.

Webex Tooltips Available

Use the Tab Key to Navigate Anywhere in the Meeting Window (Mac)

Like in Windows, you can now use the standard Tab or Shift+Tab to navigate through the entire meeting window, including any open panels on Mac.

You can still use F6 as a quick shortcut to switch between the panels area and the main window. CTRL+Tab can still be used as a quick shortcut to move between multiple panels that you have open.