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We are happy to announce the following enhancements to the learning environment at Georgia State:

iCollege Quizzes — Improved Copy Workflow

Beginning March 26th, the copy functionality will be available on individual quiz drop-down menus. This simplified workflow mirrors the Assignment copy options we announced in the September 2020 iCollege updates blog post. When you copy a quiz, the copied quiz is set to inactive (as per the original copy quiz workflow) and you are directed to the Edit Quiz screen to continue editing it. Now, the copy quiz workflow also copies over Special Access settings.

The iCollege Assignments page. The menu beside an item is selected, and the copy option is highlighted.

Webex Improvements

As announced in a recent newsletter, the following enhancements have been added to Webex this month:

  • Webex Q & A provides a space for meeting participants to type questions to be answered by hosts and co-hosts. The new panel adds to the already available chat features.
  • Webex scheduled meetings now have a pre-meeting lobby that works similarly to Personal Room meetings, where attendees can virtually await the start of meetings when they join a meeting early. 

For additional information about these new features or for any problems, please contact