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As we approach the end of the year, we are excited to announce some recent and upcoming improvements to iCollege. Most of these updates will go live on December 18. Please see details below regarding updates to Quiz Retakes, the My Courses Widget, a new Assignment Creation experience, and a new Panopto integration process.


Quiz Retake Improvements

When you allow students to retake a quiz in iCollege, you can now limit new attempts to only display previously incorrect answers. This allows students to focus only on the questions they had previously answered incorrectly while receiving credit for correct answers. This feature is located on the Assessment tab when editing Quizzes, and it is available now!

The Attempts Allowed and Retake Incorrect Questions Only options on the Assessment tab for Quizzes.


My Courses Widget Update

A new My Courses widget on the iCollege homepage will display more courses per row. In addition, course end dates will be displayed to let students and instructors know when course availability for students ends.

The new My Courses widget with 3 courses per row.


New Assignment Creation – Opt-in Availability

A new Assignment Creation process will be available as an opt-in feature. When you first create a new Assignment in iCollege, you will be asked to either leave the new assignment creation experience on or turn it off. Note that you can change this choice at any time.

New Assignment Creation Experience Opt-In options.

The new creation experience removes the current tabs from Assignment creation and editing and instead embeds all of the creation options on one screen. On the left pane, the basic information for assignment creation is available including the Assignment score, Due Date, Instructions, and Visibility. Additional settings for Assignment Availability and Release, Submission & Completion requirements, and Evaluation & Feedback are available in the right-hand menus. More in-depth documentation for these options will be available when this feature is released.

The New Assignment Creation Window

If you wish to change your opt-in settings at any time, you can click the drop-down menu in the upper-right hand corner of the screen to reopen the opt-in menu.

Drop-down menu in the upper-right hand corner of the Assignment Creation window.


Panopto Removed from Default Course Navigation Bars          

For consistency with other limited-license tools, we will be removing Panopto from the default course navigation and enabling it for individual courses by request. Currently, Panopto is only available to Atlanta Campus courses. If you are using or plan to use Panopto in your Spring 2021 courses, you will need to request that Panopto be enabled for your courses, and you will add it to course Content as an External Learning Tool.

A Panopto link in the Content area of iCollege.

If you have any questions about any of these updates and changes, please contact us at