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Look, it’s Michael! He’s returned to us! You all might remember Michael from his award-winning internship this past summer with CETL’s Learning Analytics and Learning Experience Design teams. Oh, you didn’t catch that? Well, to make a long and scintillating story short, Michael Carter is a Master’s student in the Instructional Design and Technology department at GSU. In Summer 2019, he worked with CETL to produce a fascinating analysis of graduate admissions data at the College of Education and Human Development. Not only was this project relevant to Michael’s coursework as a burgeoning designer, but it was also professionally relevant to him as a graduate admissions advisor and graduation counselor. 

This time around, Michael will be partnering with three of our learning experience designers in CETL to work on a variety of projects that will help further our practice and, hopefully, provide Michael with a stellar set of portfolio pieces when he graduates in December. I secretly hope that he includes this blog in his portfolio as well. Briefly, here’s what Michael will be working on with us:

    1. Data Story Video: First, Michael will be working with Joju and the Multimedia Team to develop a narrative piece that highlights the many ways that we partner with folks from all over the university to improve learning through targeted data-backed projects.
    2. Curriculum Mapping: Second, Michael and Taylor will be wrapping up our curricular initiative with the Bachelor’s of Public Health, including finalizing curriculum alignment documents, developing a visually-rich Coursetune map, and designing training so that faculty in that department may continue tweaking the work that they’ve done with Taylor over the past year. 
    3. User Experience (UX) Research: Finally, Michael will be assisting Karah in her continuing UX research exploring staff training opportunities at GSU.

Look for an update here from Michael later in the semester. If you’d like to explore interning with the CETL, get in touch with us at

Headshot photoSarah Hepler is the Manager of Learning Experience Design at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Georgia State University. Works with an awesome group of designers and other educational professionals to create high-quality, community-focused, career-relevant learning experiences. In her spare time you’ll find her hanging out with Virginia Woolf, Thomas Pynchon, and Alan Moore.