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Evaluating and selecting a textbook/courseware or learning technology can be overwhelming and often times confusing process.   Vendors and their sales representatives often describe their products in such a way that it is difficult for you to objectively evaluate and compare their product features, support services, security practices, standards compliance, and integration with iCollege. 

 If you’ve ever been frustrated with vendors and sales reps, CETL has a tool to ease that frustration. 

The Learning Technology Evaluation Toolkit is an online, interactive tool that you can send to all of your vendors and sales reps to complete before you ever have your first meeting and product demo.  The Toolkit collects information regarding security practices, standards compliance, accessibility compliance, instructor and student support, iCollege integration documentationcost, and features in one place.  Toolkit submissions are automatically sent to you.  It even has a special section dedicated to the features of digital and adaptive courseware.

Like the Toolkit but want to add your own questions to it? No problem… we’ll even give you a file that you can import to Qualtrics and modify! 

Learn more about the Learning Technology Toolkit>>